Workday #3 June 2015 - cutting back nettles and bramble to clear the pathway. Some litter and new log seats placed on small tennis court.

Bird Walk May 2015 - thanks to @anroache for the Kestrel picture. Joint walk with Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood.

Water Survey commissioned by Southwark Council May 2015.

Workday #2 April 2015. 

More from the first workday.

Workday #1 - 22nd March 2015. 40 bin bags, two car wheels, three suitcases.

Spring arrives on Green Dale - March 7th 2015.

Removal of fencing around the small tennis court. 7th March 2015.

Dog Kennel Hill Wood entrance with metal spikes removed.

Here, poet, come! thou man of rhyme,
With rapture here thy bosom fill –
Hark how the distant sheep-bells chime,
To lull thine eye, on Champion Hill.
— Anon 1796