If you are part of an organisation which supports our objectives and are able to actively support the work, whether through donations of time/labour, equipment, expertise or funds please get in touch to discuss what might be possible.  All contributions will be recognised on this page.

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I am delighted that residents have established the Friends of Green Dale to help protect and enhance this area of open space for the benefit of people and wildlife. The fact that people are volunteering their time shows just how important Green Dale is to our community.

I look forward to working with the Friends of Green Dale and would like to encourage people to support the group and let the council know what they would like to see included in the proposals for this open space.
— Cllr Sarah King, South Camberwell Ward

The Dulwich Society welcomes the foundation of the new local interest group, the Friends of Green Dale, and strongly supports their aim of conserving and enhancing the natural environment of Green Dale for the benefit of the whole community.
— Ian McInnes, Chairman, Dulwich Society