Local Children comment on Green Dale Plans

Below is a letter from two local children who know Green Dale and have contributed a lot to making it a clean and safe space. The picture is by Marina (5).

Dear Sir/Madam,
We, Greendale friends children, want to say that if you build buildings and playgrounds etc. it will be no more green space. We have been handing out letters to people to join. We have been working very hard to clean it, and if you build those silly buildings there will be no more space to have birds singing, free football, picnics, home for foxes, etc.
My sister marina (5) loves greendale because she learned how to ride her bike there and because we always see different animals and birds there. We both love nature. We are begging for you not to build buildings. We want to give you a tour and show you in person our beautiful greendale. If you are interested please call my mum.
Angelina Marchevska (8) and Marina Marchevska.