Update on the FoGD Workplan

Following the decision of FOGD members at the AGM meeting in December to focus on achieving the groups core objectives of protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural environment of Green Dale for people and wildlife, the committee have exchanged letters with HPG, setting out our aims and wishes for the year ahead.  Both letters are now online here.

This exchange provides a solid basis to move forward with a workplan which focuses on clearing the site of litter and junk, removing some of the larger human made elements such as broken and rusting fencing; putting in place bird and bat boxes; organising surveys and new events such as bird walks, moth nights and bat surveys; exploring the site for possible watercourses; working with other local groups, and providing a safe and wild space for local people and wildlife.

The FOGD committee are excited about these possibilities, which can now be realised in the shorter term, rather than waiting for the outcome of the various planning processes. Whatever happens in the longer term, we feel that work this year will go a long way towards preserving the site as a special area in the borough and that it will come to be seen as a special site, of importance for nature conservation.