DHST Comment on Hadley Plans

The Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust overall comment on the Hadley Group plans, dated 27th August and signed by Chairman Eddie Muraszko says:

DHST’s overall position regarding the proposals to redevelop the ground and the adjacent Greendale open space is that it is too early to fully establish that the plans will secure a thriving club for the future.

They go on to say:

DHST is supportive of the overall general planning approach put forward by Hadley’s. A single planning application and cohesive masterplan for the site is preferable to a more piecemeal approach and will help to demonstrate that a clear vision is being put forward.

[...]DHST is also committed to exploring sensible and sustainable options for supporter/ community ownership and would like to start early discussions with Hadley’s and others in advance of submission of any planning application to discuss how this can best be secured.

[...]Clearly there could be benefits in Southwark and Hadley’s exploring a joint masterplanning approach to both sites and working together to meet the aims of all parties. A key part of this must also be a willingness to be flexible in exploring different options before positions become too entrenched.

Full details via the link below.