New date for Southwark Consultation Event

 A second Southwark Council consultation event on the future of Green Dale will happen on Saturday 27 September from 11am to 3pm at Dog Kennel Hill Open Space.  Southwark say:

Southwark Council is committed to making better use of the open space available at Green Dale Fields and wants to explore every option with residents to create a new park area that can be used by everyone.
Greendale is a great community asset, so the council wants to hear what the community think. Your feedback on these proposals through this consultation will help decide the long term future of the site. We have considered the feedback from the first consultation that we undertook in August and we thank everyone for their comments. 
This earlier feedback will be presented at the September event along with an initial design. It is our intention to use the feedback received from this consultation to inform a design which we will then submit as part of a planning application later this year. We will of course continue to have constructive dialogue with Dulwich Hamlets Football club during this time. 
Anyone attending the event on Saturday 27 September will be able to meet council officers who will  provide more detailed options on the design, and will be asking for people's views on areas including parks furniture, planting  and options for the play area.

Southwark have also published the results of their online consultation and in the conclusion section on page seven it says:   

The wildlife and ecology of the site is the most important aspect of the site, and should be retained as much as possible. However the site is viewed as being underutilised and requests have been made for small scale facilities such as picnic tables, outdoor gym equipment and modest sports facilities; but not too much. Clearance of some vegetation will be required, particularly as a large volume of litter and dumped items are hidden in the undergrowth. 
Maintenance and sustainability have been highlighted as important, so a maintenance plan must be created and implemented. High quality materials that stand the test of time should be used so the park looks good for a long time. Nature areas will also require intervention to eradicate invasive species and encourage some less dominant native species. Care must be taken with species already found on site, such as the nesting area for White Throat birds. 
The open character of the site should be retained, and fencing off areas should be avoided. Better access is important, particularly entrances, but also issues with surrounding roads and pathways. 
These should be assessed and improvements considered. Natural surveillance by people using the site will give a feeling of safety during the day time. 
Lighting should not be installed as it would bring a false sense of security to a secluded area that should not be entered after dark. Light pollution would also be detrimental to wildlife and some people were already concerned about the football pitch flood lights. 
Twenty two positive comments were received about the project and the design, and only one negative comment. 
Requests have been made for the council to liaise with Dulwich Hamlet FC. These have been directed to the relevant officers for attention and liaison is underway.