Friends Of Greendale Established

Last night at The Albrighton Centre the Friends Of Greendale gathered for the first time. The gathering agreed the overall objective and purpose of the group:

To protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment of Green Dale, Southwark, for the benefit of wildlife and people

The meeting amended and agreed the first constitution, elected five people to act as committee members for a an initial three month period and agreed five core areas of activity:

  1. Developing a vision for the future of Greendale, including by gathering views within the local community.
  2. Taking action to support the core objective to protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment of Greendale for the benefit of wildlife and people.
  3. Securing a sustainable long-term plan for Greendale, including management of the site and public access.
  4. Building relationships wit h local people and organisations, including schools, businesses, Southwark Council and local residents.
  5. Increasing public understanding of Greendale and its wildlife and history.

A recommended annual membership fee was agreed, of £5 and £2 for unwaged people and people under the age of 16.

The committee agreed to meet quickly and to come up with a programme to begin implementing the agreed activities.