Southwark Announces Greendale Consultation

Southwark have come up with some new plans for Greendale and are inviting people to contribute by coming to an event on 16th August and by completing an online form.

The event will be held on Dog Kennel Hill Open Space and will take place between 11 am and 4pm.  The note on the council's website says:

Council officers will have information about the project for you to have a look at. You will have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire to tell us what you would like to see improved. We have also developed a sketch design proposal which will give you an idea about possible improvements to the open space. We would like your views and comments on these proposals.

In the 'Introduction and Brief' section the plan, called the 'Green Dale Open Space Improvement project' or 'GOSIP' says:

The aspiration of the GOSIP is to enhance Green Dale Open Space through high quality design, improving public access into and around the open space, whilst enhacning [sic] and protecting existing wildlife habitats. The design
must reflect the needs and aspirations of local communities and provide
a real community asset. The design must seek to improve the site whilst
working with the existing landscape levels to make Greendale Open Space
into an asset for the community, by providing welcoming safe entrances,
access and circulation, providing reasons for people to stay by providing
furniture and activities whilst retaining the open character and semi-natural habitat aspects of the site.

All documents are on this web page.

There is also a tree survey and an ecological report (covered here on this website). Perhaps the easiest place to start to visualise the proposals is with the Proposed Design document, which states:

It is proposed that Green Dale Fields are opened up to the general public and with this new opportunities and considerations have emerged. The existing wildlife habitat is a key feature to be protected and retained in the proposals where possible. There are also opportunities to diversify on the existing habitat to create mixed woodlands, species rich meadows, mixed native hedgerows and seasonal ponds. Other key features include creating a picnic are, nature sculpture trail, trim trail and natural play area. The result is to create a new space for the public to enjoy and for wildlife habitat to be enhanced and tratiend within a wider urban environment.

 The report lays out a series of what it calls 'Strategic Level Proposals' as follows:

Works to paths, entrances, boundaries, signage, interpretation
and furniture

• Proper, safe, high quality entrances to be created, giving a clear identity
to the space (propose possible involvement of artist)
• New entrance, wayfinding and interpretative signage
• Damaged fences replaced
• Benches and bins provided
• Path network created, with primary paths being universally accessible
Ecological enhancements
• Pond Creation (possibly diverting and daylighting an underground
stream if feasible) with aquatic and marginal planting
• Nature/woodland trail through the regenerating woodland, including
bird and bat boxes (for educational and recreational use)
• Enrichment of grassland through creation of wildflower meadow areas
• Log piles created from felled trees (for stag beetles)
Provision of recreational, educational and community facilities
• Provision of play (particularly for 6-10 age group) appropriate to the
site (e.g. not wet-pour or highly coloured)
• Possible trim/fitness trail
• Playable interventions along secondary and tertiary path network
(propose possible involvement of artist)
• Cycle tracks/trails for children
• Provision a safe place to learn to ride a bike

Its 'Conclusion and next steps page includes the sentence:

The design needs to emerge out of an understanding of the needs and aspirations of local communities and provide a real community asset.

The final page is an estimate of cost for all the possible works, which comes in at £22 shy of a full million - £999,978.

So, a very short timescale - ten days until the consultation event and just two and a half weeks until the consultation window closes.

And a great time to join the Friends of Green Dale. Meeting this Thursday 7th at 6.30pm - 8pm at The Albrighton Centre.