Greendale Makes Front Page of SLP

Covering the Hadleys consultation launch today the Dulwich and South London Press led with the story:

Pitching Ideas

  • Concern for Greendale fields if Dulwich Hamlet moves its ground
  • Community is promised a say

It quoted a Hadleys spokesperson as saying 

None of the ideas include development on any part of the Metropolitan Open space that has not been previously developed. Our focus is on the resue of the all weather pitch that can be used by [the club] and the community without encroachment on to Greendale.
We will be working with local people to ensure better management and sensitive use of the open space.
The exhibition provided club supporters, residents and businesses with an opportunity to discuss how a development, incorporating a new stadium and facilities for the club and improvements, might work.

Reporter Jack Griffith wrote:

The spokesperson added that all feedback would be considered and there would be a consultation before more detailed plans were prepared.

The D&SLP is seeking contributions from people who attended - interested parties can contact