Proposals On View

On Saturday July 19th Hadleys, the developers who have bought the freehold which DHFC sits on, exhibited their proposals. In summary these are:

  1. To build on the existing DHFC site &
  2. To relocate the DHFC football pitch to the artificial pitch on Greendale

The architects (Farrells) drawings show two options:

  1. To extend St Francis Park into the car park/car wash area and to use the whole of the existing club footprint for building.
  2. To connect Greendale Fields with St Francis Park by converting the existing roadway to the south of the pitch to a green corridor.

There were no plans for specific types of building development on show and the plans for Greendale were concentrated on building a perimeter for the new pitch. It seems that this will be the key area for consideration, in terms of its MOL status, allowable use and encroachment on the green space.