Next Exhibition of Hadley Development Plans

Hadley have announced two dates for exhibitions of their revised proposals: November 27th (3-8pm) and 29th (10-3pm), both events at Dulwich Hamlet Football Club. At a recent meeting with FOGD and Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood Hadley representatives outlined the following:

  • 150 - 200 housing 'units', 4-6 stories high
  • Three or four housing blocks running along the clubhouse side of the DHFC area
  • A green corridor linking St Francis Park with Green Dale, per the previous plans
  • A road in front of the North side housing blocks 
  • Another road for a second row of houses, semi-detached, running along where the road now is at the South side of the current playing area
  • Parking facilities for residents, club and supporters to be underground
  • DHFC stadium to move to the artificial pitch area of Green Dale 
  • A 'community offer' centred on facilities at a new clubhouse, including things like hockey, netball, gym etc, available at no and low cost for community groups; plus support for the rest of the Green Dale site.
  • They would put in place a binding covenant to ensure that there will be no future additional planning applications. 
  • Current capacity is 3,200; they want to future proof the site by increasing to 4,100 to comply with FA requirements for two leagues up
  • The main stadium stand will be on the current DHFC footprint.

In addition Hadley confirmed that the plans on show at the exhibitions will be to scale.