Bat Walk Report

The Friends of Green Dale first event was a Bat Walk, alongside Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood and led by Daniel Greenwood of London Wildlife Trust on Monday September 29th. Some 34 people gathered and walked through the open space, through the wood and in to Green Dale (thanks to Matt Rimmer of Hadley Property Group for enabling access). 

Using the Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Woods newly acquired bat detectors, as well as some supplied by Daniel, families and Friends tuned in to 55htz and listened out for the sounds of bats, which Daniel described as 'like a fish tap dancing'. Making our way through wood and dale, circling round and returning, not  a bat was heard, until, there at last in the wood the fly by began. And lo, the sound of tap dancing was heard: all told there were 6 sweeps by a common pipistrelle, loud and clear on the massed ranks of the bat detectors.