Newlands school trips to Green Dale

Newlands Academy is a special school for students who have social, emotional and mental health needs. Paul Koloi is a teacher there and he has been bringing a group to Green Dale for outdoor activities.  This is his note about those experiences. 

I think the Green Dale site is truly special, I love how rough and ready it is and has many little corners that give it a different feel to most outdoor spaces around London. 
When I first walked around  I was amazed at how big it was and what a great view you can have from the concrete part at the top. The astro turf is a great addition as well and I thought the kids at my school would love to us this site. What I had in mind was that the kids could either do some some sports on the astro and those that fancied a wonder could go and walk around and explore the space.

Update on Plans for Green Dale

Plans have been submitted to Southwark for the building of a new DHFC stadium on part of Green Dale. Details are online here.  At the time of writing there are 236 documents online, here. The timeline for submissions is not yet published as the submission has not yet been validated by LBS. 

Members are encouraged to focus their comments to local Councillors, including Ward Councillors and planning committee members. Planning Committee members here. Cabinet member for Public Health, Parks and leisure here. All Southwark Councillors here. The planning reference is 16/AP/1232.

Woodcraft Group Walk

Hilary Payne, parent in the local Elfins group of the Southwark Woodcraft Folk, which meets in St. Faith’s Church Hall on Red Post Hill, reports on the group’s recent visit to Green Dale.

On a beautiful mild evening in September we took the Elfins group on a nature walk to Greendale.  There were sixteen children aged between 6 and 10, and nine parents came along too.  Each child took a ‘journey stick’ with them – a stick with some wool to tie on things that they found on the way, such as leaves, berries etc that they found lying on the ground.  We’d told them beforehand about some of the wildlife that has been seen in the area, including bats, hedgehogs and frogs.

Birdboxes up

FOGD committee member Guy Haslam has put up four bird boxes around the site, just in time for the nesting season. 

Guy says "They're most likely to be used by great tits or blue tits, but it's quite possible that house sparrows, coal tits or even starlings might take up residence. We need to be patient as they might not use them this year – most small birds are very wary about the siting of their nests in terms of predator cover and so on. But if there's pressure on local nesting sites, at least one or two should get used.

First FODG Workday: Sunday March 22nd - 10.30 - 13.00

We are pleased to invite Friends, and friends of Friends, to the first FOGD workday to make a start on preserving and enhancing Green Dale.  Hadley Property Group have already made a start, with the removal of jagged metal at an entrance way, and of larger pieces of rubbish, such as broken glass and other dangerous items. They are also closing over an open drain which was noticed on a recent site safety check. 

As the first step in the new workplan the first workday will focus on:

•    Removing litter
•    Celebration of a new start for Green Dale

Update on the FoGD Workplan

Following the decision of FOGD members at the AGM meeting in December to focus on achieving the groups core objectives of protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural environment of Green Dale for people and wildlife, the committee have exchanged letters with HPG, setting out our aims and wishes for the year ahead.   

This exchange provides a solid basis to move forward with a workplan which focuses on core aims. The FOGD committee are excited about these possibilities, which can now be realised in the shorter term, rather than waiting for the outcome of the various planning processes. We feel that work this year will go a long way towards preserving the site as a special area in the borough and that it will come to be seen as a special site, of importance for nature conservation.