8:30 PM20:30

Moth and Bat Evening

Come and be part of national Moth Night! We will be raising funds to purchase a Moth Trap and we welcome members and friends to come and see what is there on Green Dale.

Moth Night is the annual celebration of moth recording throughout Britain and Ireland by enthusiasts with local events aimed at raising awareness of moths among the general public.

Every year Moth Night has a theme, although recorders are always welcome and encouraged to do their own thing. The theme for 2015 is Migration.

Events nationally are confined to the warmest months and each event lasts for three consecutive nights (Thursday – Saturday) with the event taking place on different date periods every year. Recording can take place on any one or more of these days or nights. Ours will take place on Saturday the 12th of September. For more information about the national event see here -

We will also take the opportunity to record bat activity on the site. 

Exact timings will be confirmed nearer the date, do put a note in your calendars now.

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10:30 AM10:30

Spring Walk

The Friends first Annual Spring Walk, being held in partnership with the Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood and being taken by Daniel Greenwood of the London Wildlife Trust. The event is open to members and non-members.  There is no charge for this event.

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6:30 AM06:30

Early Morning Bird Walk

The Friends first bird walk. Led by FOGD committee member Guy Haslam this walk is for the adventurous bird fancier, who is up for an early start.

Meet by the entrance in the fence along Green Dale cycle path at 6.30am.

Guy says:

As the breeding season will be just starting, we'll hear the dawn chorus songs of all the common garden birds – blue tit, great tit, robin, blackbird, song thrush, dunnock and wren – and our whitethroats should be back from wintering in Africa.

We should also be able to hear goldfinches, chaffinches, greenfinches, startlings, green woodpeckers and others. There's also a chance we'll hear the beautiful song of the blackcap – for which the early start is essential!

Stout footwear and warm clothing is essential, and binoculars would be useful for spotting the more secretive birds. 

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10:30 AM10:30

Second FOGD Workday

We are pleased to invite Friends, and friends of Friends, to the second FOGD workday to continue with the work of preserving and enhancing Green Dale.  

The crew from the March workday cleared 40 bags of rubbish, plus lots of other junk. This second day is likely to focus on:

  • Tidying brush piles and creating new habitat areas
  • Removing remaining litter

Litter grabbers are being loaned by Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood and rubbish bags will be supplied.  

There is lots to do for people of all ages. 

Meet at 10.30 a.m. on the small tennis court on Green Dale.

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10:30 AM10:30

First FOGD Workday

We are pleased to invite Friends, and friends of Friends, to the first FOGD workday to make a start on preserving and enhancing Green Dale.  Hadley Property Group have already made a start, with the removal of jagged metal at an entrance way, and of larger pieces of rubbish, such as broken glass and other dangerous items. They are also closing over an open drain which was noticed on a recent site safety check. 

As the first step in the new workplan the first workday will focus on:

•    Removing litter
•    Celebration of a new start for Green Dale

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